What Was Your PowerShift Experience?

PowerShift is not a monolithic event, but rather a collection of the experiences of the people in the room and the stories of their Powershift-Atlantic-Group-Story.pngexperiences before, during and after PowerShift. 

In order to be able to tell that story, we want to know what your experience at PowerShift was, something you learned, an action or idea you've started planning out of PowerShift, or just a reflection you want to share. You can submit a paragraph or a few lines here and we will share this with the rest of the PowerShift Atlantic community, as well as participants of past and future PowerShifts. 


Climate change and extreme extraction can be big and scary topics. With this powershift I felt rooted in the courage of frontline communities, the voices of women particularly inspired me. And I was uplifted to action, rather than leaving depressed or dispirited. Thanks to everyone!

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PowerShift asked me to open my heart and mind as greatly as I could, to give everything I had to be present and engaged; and, in return the people I learned from and experienced this wonderful weekend with re-energized me at my most drained and refocused the perspective from which I live and see the world around me. 

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Touched by Turtle Island


Powershift stood out as one of the most meaningful, connected and focused conferences I've ever been to. I felt provoked, vulnerable and supported. The weekend strengthened friendships and created new ones. I look forward to integrated my learnings into all aspects of my life. 

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