9:00am - 10:30am 

PowerShift 101: Multiple Rooms 

PowerShift 101 is a workshop to ground all of us with a strong basis in climate justice, social movements past and present and to prime us for the weekend ahead. 

10:45am - 12:00pm

McCain 1198 Anti-Racism and Environmentalism Ben Sichel and Carolann Wright-Parks Environmental issues do not exist in a silo, and so in climate and environmental justice organizing we need to understand the impacts of our work and actions. This workshop you'll learn about skills, ideas, and considerations for doing environmental work within an anti-colonial, anti-racist framework.
McCain 2016 Fracking 101 Gretchen Fitzgerald Hydraulic Fracturing is being pushed all across North America and around the globe as a new energy boom and a "transition fuel" to a clean energy economy, but is it, and at what cost? This workshop will introduce fracking, the industry myths and hard truth about this dangerous, dirty energy, and talk about growing resistance.
McCain 2017 Occupy Gardens? Food, Commodification & Competition Alia Karim This workshop will present and discuss 'small acts' of challenging our current food systems from communal guerrilla gardening in cities to reclaim public spaces, to larger-scale actions such as Cuba's urban gardening program and beyond.
McCain 2116 Divestment 101 DivestDal Since it launched in late 2012 the fossil fuel divestment movement has grown to hundreds of campaigns around the world. This workshop will run through the basics of divestment, what it is, how it works and the steps to starting your own divestment campaign!
McCain 2118 Tar Sands 101 Cat Abreu The tar sands have been called amongst the dirtiest energy sources on earth. They pollute the air, water and land, they are Canada's worst climate culprit, they violate Indigenous rights and are current feeding the desire to build pipelines like the Northern Gateway, Keystone XL and Energy East projects (to name a few). Come learn about the tar sands and what you can do to stop them.
McCain 2130 Facilitation 101: Bad meetings are bad. Have good ones instead Brian Crouse Ever been to a bad meeting? That's no fun. Ever been awed by a skilled, gracious facilitator? Super cool, right? We're going to cover facilitation techniques and talk about the mindset and approach behind good meeting facilitation. What does a facilitator do? What qualities and behaviours in a facilitator will make things run smoothly and ensure different voices are heard? How can you plan meetings in advance so that good facilitation is even possible? After that, we'll give you a bunch of great resources to go home with.
McCain 2162 Confronting Exploitative Paradigms: Resisting Extraction & Envisioning Alternatives Beehive Design Collective Using two of our giant narrative murals, "Mesoamerica Resiste!" and "The True Cost of Coal", we will lead a facilitated workshop that will take participants through a two visions of our world. Our aim is to show that confronting climate change at the source not only preserves our climate, but also can create a more just and sustainable world.
McCain 2170 The Blanket Exercise Caroline Foster This workshop uses blankets to represent the lands of what is now called Canada, and the distinct cultures and nations which live on those lands to this day. Participants are taken back in time to the arrival of the Europeans, through the history of treaty-making, colonization and resistance that resulted in the nation we today call Canada.
McCain 2176 Transforming Food Systems: Ecology and Equity on Campus Sarah Archibald and Rebecca McEvoy This workshop will provide an overview of food systems (both global and local) and invite participants to think critically about the different aspects of food including access, equity, culture, ecology, history and economic aspects of food systems. We will highlight the most recent reports from Food Action Research Network as well as achievements in the student food network (case study on St. FX). This workshop will provide tools for systems change on campus.
SUB 224: Art Space Puppet Building for Social Change David Bailey  Learn hands-on skills for building props for street theatre and spectacle, and how to make your future actions more exciting and visually appealing! Using every day items like cardboard, tin cans, papier mâché and salvaged lumber, we'll start to construct a puppet that will be used in Monday's action while discussing the value and necessity of big, bold, brilliant art in social movements.

1:15pm - 2:30pm 

SUB Council Chambers Non-Violent Direct Action 101 (Pt. 1) Paul Baker & Amanda Gomm This workshop will be an introduction for people new to the tactic of Non-Violent Direct Action. We will look at the history of NVDA in social movements, explore what makes an action effective, and clarify personal beliefs about what non-violence means.
McCain 1198 Generation Yes And:The Revolution Will be Improvised (Pt. 1) Matthew Chisholm When we improvise we agree to move forward into an unknown future and create the outcome as it unfolds using the ideas and offers presented by our fellow improvisers. Organizing for a just and sustainable future also often means pushing forward together through uncertainty. As creative organizers developing an improvisational instinct together we have an opportunity to use our imaginations to create dynamic actions, strategies and campaigns while building trust and communicating through play. We will take look at the history of creative activism, provide you with some improv theory, and then spend most of our time PLAYING FUN GAMES.
Rowe 1020 Raising awareness and creating change: Anti-Racism and Social and Environmental Justice Movements (Pt. 1) Nydia Dauphin Through sharing their experiences and engaging in groupthinking, the participants will critically examine their social justice movements with an anti-racism lense. Part teaching and part experiential, this workshop will present participants with key anti-racism concepts and scenarios to sensitize the participant to the importance of anti-racism in meaningful activism. The knowledge acquired through this workshop will be transferable to different forms of activism the participant will engage in.
McCain 2016 Uprooting the In-Equalitree (Pt. 1) Ayendri Perera This workshop will take participants beyond the individual phase of Anti-Oppression 101 workshops to build analysis of how systemic oppression operates. Participants will seek to understand the ways our organizing sometimes limits itself by dealing with the symptoms of oppression and brainstorm practical tools and strategies on how to effect change on multiple levels. This workshop is specifically tailored towards movement organizers.
McCain 2017 Land, Climate, and Power Caitlyn Campbell This session will look at the relationship between power, land, and climate using a Power Analysis Matrix. Participants will explore the power of different parties involved in land grabs and climate and discuss how they can be targeted to fight human rights abuses connected to climate crisis.
Life Sciences Centre 332 Winning the Battle of the Story (Pt. 1) Amara Possian Stories shape our understanding of the world around us. But when it comes to climate change, the stories we tell often come from politicians and industry and ignore the negative impact on our communities, the environment, and future generations. Understanding how to win the “Battle of the Story” for public opinion is critical to our efforts as organizers, advocates and communicators. Come learn how to become a strategic storyteller and craft more effective campaign narratives. The session will cover the fundamentals of communications strategy: framing, narrative power analysis, and the tools to win the Battle of the Story.
McCain 2118 Mobilization 101 - Getting New People Involved Kyle Buott This workshop will introduce participants to the nuts and bolts of mobilization and key skills to get people interested in, involved in, and taking a meaningful role in organizing.
McCain 2130 Photography in the Climate Movement Jessica Sypher and Robert Van Waarden The power of storytelling through visual media and why it matters in the climate movement. Robert van Waarden from Project Survival Media will share examples and talk about how photography is essential to a strong climate movement.
McCain 2132 One Million Climate Jobs: Work and the Just Transition (Pt. 1) Daniel Cayley-Daoust This workshop will explore the potential for implementing a campaign for "1 million climate jobs" Atlantic Canada, what this could look like, campaign ideas and what role youth can play. Themes will include urban and inter-city public transportation, renewable energy and green building retrofits,and more. Please bring your ideas, your experience and/or your enthusiasm to this session. This workshop is being organized by the Green Economy Network; a grouping of labour, social justice, faith and environmental organizations.
McCain 2162 Effective Messaging Divest McGill In this hands-on workshop we will be learning basic messaging concepts such a the campaign messaging arc, the elevator pitch, ABC (address, bridge, communicate). Then we will practice!
McCain 2170 How to Work With the Mainstream Media Sima Sahar Zerehi Learn tips, tricks, and tools for communicating your message to the media. We'll discuss different approaches to getting coverage in mainstream, ethnic, niche, and on line media. You'll go home confident that you can get awesome coverage for your next action or event!
McCain 2176 Finding Your Target and Understanding Power Willi Nolan This workshop will focus on the importance of finding the right target to meet your demands and how to understand and organize to challenge power.
McCain 2184 Tools for Peaceful Dialogue (Non-Violent Communication) (Pt. 1) Casey Vaasjo This workshop will offer both the philosophy and the skills toolkit of Non-Violent Communication to make peaceful resolutions seem easier! We will practice expressing and receiving the four components of NVC: observations, feelings, needs, and requests. This workshop will call upon us to engage with and explore the parts of our language that contribute to violence, and refocus that language onto human needs through interactive dialogue, activities, and role-playing. 
McCain 2116 Spraypainting for Social Change (Pt. 1) Jen McRuer Do you have a message you want to share related to social and environmental justice? Want to learn and practice a creative form of activism? This is the workshop for you! Raise your voice and showcase your talents by exploring spray painting as an artistic medium for change. Connect with an issue that you care about, and learn from others in the workshop. Your perspective matters - both as an inspiration to others and as a demonstration of solidarity. Join us to transform your voice into colourful, texturized, and vibrant works of art! Space is limited to the first 15.  

2:45pm - 4:00pm 

SUB Council Chambers Non-Violent Direct Action 101 (Pt. 2) Paul Baker and Amanda Gomm Continued from above.
McCain 1198 Generation Yes And: The Revolution Will be Improvised (Pt. 2) Matthew Chisholm Continued from above.
Rowe 1020 Raising awareness and creating change: Anti-Racism and Social and Environmental justice movements (Pt. 2) Nydia Dauphin Continued from above.
McCain 2016 Uprooting the In-Equalitree (Pt. 2) Ayendri Perera Continued from above.
Life Sciences Centre 332 Winning the Battle of the Story (Pt. 2) Amara Possian Continued from above.
2132 Mobilization 201 - Mobilization Across Movements Michael Walsh This workshop will dig deeper into mobilization skills looking specifically at how we build power by mobilizing and building relationships across movements.
McCain 2118 Money 101: Tips, tricks, and considerations for finding and spending money well for your grassroots group or established organization Maggie Knight Changemaking organizations and projects often have a complicated relationship with money - where will it come from? how will you spend it? how do you avoid unhealthy financial dependence on a handful of funders? how do your values shape these choices? We’ll talk through the choices you need to make for your financial infrastructure, communication with donors, and fundraising strategy and tactics . Participants will workshop the questions they’re facing, gaining skills developing budgets, grassroots fundraising plans, and funding proposals.
McCain 2132 One Million Climate Jobs: Work and the just transition (Pt. 2) Daniel Cayley-Daoust Continued from above.
McCain 2170 How to Be a Good Spokesperson Anna Dubinski Who should speak to the media? When? What does it mean to speak on behalf of an organization? How can the media help you, and when does it hinder? These are all questions that we'll answer together in this workshop about being a good spokesperson. Whether you've never spoken to the media before, or a regular interview-giver, this workshop will have something for everyone.
McCain 2184 Tools for Peaceful Dialogue (Non-Violent Communication) (Pt. 2) Casey Vaasjo Continued from above. 
McCain 2116 Spraypainting for Social Change (Pt. 2) Jen McRuer Continued from above.

4:30pm - 6:00pm 

McCain 1198 Caucuses/Participant/Strategy Space   These sessions are spaces for participants to host caucuses, to organize their own strategy sessions, or to bring together conversations or workshops that aren't in the program. You can sign up at the info table where there will be more info about how this process works. Sign Up at Registration 
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9:00am - 10:30am

McCain 1102 The Inner Revolution: Making Mindfulness a Tool for Activism, Advocacy and Allyship Ben Reid-Howells This workshop will help participants develop their skills through mindfulness. Whether you are engaged in activism, allyship, advocacy or more, this action/discussion workshop explores how mindfulness can help sharpen your analysis, enrich your commitment and sustain yourself. While the experience and discussion will be defined by those people in the room, this workshop seeks to help participants to develop their own, personalized mindfulness practice to take home with them and apply to their area of engagement. Where we are confronted with overwhelm, violence, or our own barriers, mindfulness practice can help us to see the solution and move toward it.
McCain 1198 The Global Struggle for Climate Justice, Venezuela, and you (Pt. 1) Katie O'Brien Since the climate negotiations in Copenhagen, many have justifiably dismissed UN climate talks as pointless talking shops. Nevertheless they persist, working towards a 2015 agreement. While many climate movements have focused on their local and national struggles, the imbalance of power at the UN remains. Our session will introduce you to efforts being made to connect grassroots struggles in an effort to build social power at a global level, including Venezuela’s effort to host a “social pre-COP” summit to bring the demands and solutions of social movements and indigenous peoples from around the world into the UN process. See for more information.
McCain 2016 Harnessing Collective Creativity for Action: A Strategy for Campaign Success Omri Haiven and Kat Stein

What is a creative action and how do we bring inspiration to our campaigns? What happens when we choose to play with one another while exploring shared visions of action and success? That’s right, ALL THE GOOD THINGS. 

This workshop will help us uncover the creative potential for each of us to make beautiful trouble in ways that inspire and sustain our movements. We’ll work on how to bring out the individuals within the collective and learn from some genius examples of creative actions that have been done in the past.

McCain 2017 Building Power on Campus Divest McGill In this workshop we'll share stories of successes and failures, tips and tricks for building a powerful divestment movement on campus. Members of Divest McGill will be present to share our experience with recruitment/retention, healthy group dynamic, public vs internal strategies, motivation, and messaging!
McCain 2116 Legal Aspects of Direct Action Tony Tracy This workshop will cover the legal aspects of non-violent direct action, including liaising with the police, legal and illegal actions, how to avoid being arrested (or how to be arrested, if that's what you want!), and more!
McCain 2118 Reframing the Debate: Countering Common Criticisms for Environmental Justice Julian Tennant-Riddell This workshop is all about how to flip the script on oppressive narratives that attempt to undermine and negatively portray the work of social movements for environmental justice. Together we will identify some of the common criticisms launched against us by governments, corporations and individuals, and find creative ways to reframe the debate in favour of our own stories, while still being accessible to a broader audience. This workshop will be highly interactive and will relay useful tools and skills for many different aspects of organizing, including outreach and media.

McCain 2162 Climate Change and the Global South Umair Muhommad According to recent estimates 400,000 thousand people die every year as a result of the global warming that has already been created. The vast majority of these deaths occur in the global south, or developing nations. The north is responsible for creating the warming that people in the south are suffering from. How do we confront this terrible irony? How do we build solidarities with the victims of the climate crisis and work to undo the injustice they face?

10:45am - 12:00pm 

SUB 224: Art Space Making Beautiful, Inexpensive Action Visuals Dave Bailey Want to build a 15 foot fracking rig for a rally? No problem! Want to make hats that look like a faucet and spews fake fire? No problem! Need to make 100 picket signs? No problem! Have limited funds? No problem! Join us in learning to make cheap, beautiful, stunning art for your actions and rallies!
McCain 1198 The Global Struggle for Climate Justice, Venezuela, and you (Pt. 2) Katie O'Brien Continued from above.
McCain 2016 Mobilizing Momentum within Movements Jonathan Langdon and Rachel Garbary A key dimension of building movements is momentum - moving towards a goal. The focus of this workshop is the importance of relationship building for movement momentum. Added to this is the importance of taking the time to ensure a participatory approach to social actions on every level. This workshop will draw on the experiences of the two organizers in building inter-generational relationships in building momentum for change on a campus, as well as in a movement in Ghana.
McCain 2017 Capitalism, the ecological crisis and strategic resistance Asaf Rashid What are the links between capitalism and the ecological crisis? Why does averting disaster require mass action at sites of production or supply? Why must we build towards unraveling capitalist social relations? Is there such thing as clean capitalism and clean energy? How much of an impact can divestment campaigns make? Why does the labour movement care about the ecological crisis? How and where should we focus resistance / direct action (consideration of local & regional examples)? Join us in discussion these questions and more!
McCain 2126 The Yinka Dene Alliance and the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project Jasmine Thomas Learn about how the Yinka Dene Alliance (YDA) has been fighting back against the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline, proposed to take tar sands bitumen from Alberta to Kitimat, BC. YDA is a coalition of six First Nation's communities located in the heart of British Columbia.
McCain 2118 Cultures Régionales et le Développement Durable (FR) Floris Ensink Les négociations internationales nous confrontent avec le fait que les différences culturelles peuvent avoir un impact énorme sur la façon dont nous définissons et interpréter le développement durable. La Coalition jeunesse Sierra a travaillé pendant 16 ans dans un contexte bilingue. La façon dont nous avons traité les différences culturelles est basée sur quatre prémisses: curiosité mutuelle, l'inclusion, l'autonomie, et les partenariats locaux. Cet atelier se penchera sur la relation entre la culture des différentes régions à l'échelle mondiale par rapport à celle de l'affaire au Québec, explorer l'approche et les enseignements de la CJS appris, et se rapportent à des participants des expériences avec des différences culturelles et linguistiques à l'échelle régionale.
McCain 2130 The Campaign Cycle: A New Model for Organizing Nick Stark How do you get from idea to success? The campaign cycle is a new way of thinking about campaigns that gives you both flexibility and direction in achieving your goals. In this workshop, you'll develop a model campaign of your own, and learn how to put the principles of the campaign cycle to work for your ends.
McCain 2132 Talking to Strangers: Foundations for Kick-Ass Communications Faye Bontje Come explore unexpected power relationships, why there is no such thing as a general public, and how to make friends with someone you'll never meet. This workshop will be great for anyone interested in making messaging, communications, and social media work for your campaigns!
McCain 2162 Effective Advocacy David Etherington You’ve done your research, mobilized your members, and put intense political pressure on the decision makers you need to get on board. Now what? Effective Advocacy is a workshop that’ll go over the nuts and bolts and setting up meetings with officials, effectively swaying them to your arguments, all the while staying true to the principles that brought you to the room. You’ll get to test out what you’ve learnt in an interactive session at the end of the workshop. This workshop is modeled on the Canadian Federation of Students workshop that is given every year before students lobby MPs on Parliament Hill.
McCain 2170 ALL OF THE FEELINGS (and Why They are Essential): On Movement Building Lily Schwarzbaum Facts don’t drive movements – our values and emotions do. This workshop will explore what it means to put our own journey at the forefront of our organizing. Instead of hiding our feelings within late-night rants (and apologizing for them later), we'll look at our experiences as a powerful force to engage with people in our issue, as well as strengthen our own organizing communities. We’ll spend some time exploring why stories matter, work on our own stories, and practice making them effective tools for mobilization.

1:00pm - 3:00pm 

Rowe 1009 From Click to Action: Taking change from the web to the ground Amara Possian and Maggie Knight,


Do online petitions work? What percentage of your Facebook RSVPs will actually show up? How can you support movements across huge distances without a big travel budget and carbon footprint? Increasingly, organizing efforts involve digital platforms, forcing us to bridge online and offline tactics. Come figure out how to combine #hashtags and creative action to make change and win.

SUB Council Chambers NVDA 201: Action Planning and Intermediate Tactics (Pt. 1) Paul Baker and Amanda Gomm For those with an understanding of Non-violent Direct Action, we will have the chance to start building skills in de-escalation, team communication, passive/active resistance and soft blockade tactics.
SUB 224: Art Space NVDA 201: Creative Action Sean Devlin

An innovative program designed to help participants unleash their
creative spirits while remaining rooted in sound strategy. By
re-imagining campaign organizing and action planning as a highly
creative process we create an experience that is part participation, part

McCain 2017 Towards an Organizing Worldview Camilo Viveiros This workshop illuminates the ways our overall vision of change connects to our “world view” or ideology and how right-wing ideology creates obstacles in our day-to-day organizing. How do we counter the influence of oppressive ideologies in our day-to-day work? How can we intentionally recognize these dynamics in ways that improve our work rather than isolate us? By openly discussing these dynamics from an organizing point of view we can grapple with ways to incorporate ideology into our organizing without falling into traps that result in our views resonating only with other committed radicals.
McCain 2116 Theatre of the Oppressed Aurore Fauret This is an introductory workshop to learn about the principles of Theatre of the Oppressed and put them into practice. Through exercises and games, we will explore how this theatrical tool can be used for collective conversation on pressing social and environmental issues, and its potential to instigate change and empower communities. Prepare to be active physically, emotionally and intellectually! All levels of experience are welcome.
McCain 2118 Union Organizing Meets Climate Organizing: a New Model Roxanne Dubois Unifor community chapters are a new form of union membership that aims to reach out to groups of workers that are generally not able to get a collective agreement, even if they wanted to. Community chapters are a new and developing model that provides opportunities for climate organizers to build their collective power by pooling their resources to build their campaigns. The workshop will help participants adapt the Union's model to organize around climate justice issues. Participants will have a chance to brainstorm ideas on how the new union model could be used to strengthen their on-the-ground organizing in the Atlantic.
McCain 2132 Social Media for Social Change Liam O'Doherty The evolving media landscape can be used to effectively engage in our environmental organizing campaigns, this workshop will show you how. By analyzing engaging social media mobilizations from around the world we will improve our understanding of new media strategies and tools for maximizing and communicating impact. Through this interactive workshop we will explore the elements of a successful and creative social media campaign, learn new tools and tricks and collaboratively improve our existing campaign communications.

3:30pm - 4:30 pm 

SUB Council Chambers NVDA 201: Action Planning and Intermediate Tactics (Pt. 2) Paul Baker and Amanda Gomm Continued from above. 
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