Three Places to Give Money to Instead of Us

Don’t get me wrong, we want and still need your money. Over the past year we left charitable status and rebuilt the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition while launching the Fossil Free Canada campaign and organizing PowerShift BC, and next year we’re aiming to get even bigger. If you want to support us, awesome. You can donate to our PowerShift crowd-funding campaign or become a long term supporter of the CYCC

That being said, we think there are some amazing grassroots groups and campaigns that might not have the same megaphone as we do, and we wanted to share a few that could really use a few bucks in the midst of these donation pushes. 

  1. Your local Climate Justice group or collective. In most major cities across this country there is a group of dedicated, unpaid local organizers doing amazing work. From bold direct actions to awareness raising, these groups are constantly inspiring us to keep pushing. Groups like Rising Tide in Vancouver and Toronto, Climate Justice Montreal, and others take next to no resources and make amazing things happen, and if they don’t have a donate button, get in touch and see when the next meeting is or how you can donate some time, energy or skills. You could also find (or start up) a divestment campaign near you. 
  2. A legal fund. Throughout 2013 direct action was on the rise. From Elsipogtog to tar sands mega-load blockaders in Oregon and beyond the legal costs of taking on big oil have been piling up. Here’s a few examples of folks who could use your support: MICATS, Tar Sands Blockade, Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance.
  3. A frontline campaign. The last two years have been game-changers when it comes to fighting pipelines, but as we move forwards taking on the tar sands we need to stop it at the source, and supporting a campaign like the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation’s fight or the Beaver Lake Cree's lawsuit is an amazing way to stand with a community on the frontlines. (Bonus: You can win tickets and airfare to see Neil Young play one of the ACFN solidarity concerts in 2014). Of course this doesn’t mean stopping taking on pipelines as things are set to heat up in 2014. Groups like the Unis’to’ten camp, with a permanent blockade on the route of the Northern Gateway (and a handful of other pipelines) are going to need support in the coming months and years. 

 Of course these are only a few examples, and there are countless other groups asking for support this time of year. Thanks to everyone who is digging deep to lend financial support and to everyone working for a more just and sustainable world. 

 If you have other suggestions of campaigns for folks to support, please add them in the comments and they will show up on the page. 

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