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On Monday on PowerShift, many of us took to the streets of Victoria with Idle No More for a powerful action to show we were willing to put our bodies on the line to stop dirty energy and support indigenous rights. We marched in solidarity to the provincial legislature with a 70 foot pipeline and showed what a united movement across movements can look like. But we also know many of you couldn’t be there, and we know these movements just keep growing.

On October 31st, the Conservative Party Convention kicks off in Calgary - will you show them how powerful the climate justice movements are becoming by taking action before then? You could start or support a divestment campaign, join the global frack-down, canvass to mobilize your neighbours, fundraise to support frontline indigenous resistance and legal fights, the possibilities are as boundless as our movements. Check out this list we’ve started then add your action to the list by filling in the box below.  

1. Start a divestment campaign. Click here to set up a campaign to divest your school, your pension fund, your church, your town or anything you think should be fossil free. 

2. Share your PowerShift story. Help spread the word about PowerShift by logging into this site and posting a blog, video or photos on the blog roll. This blog is meant to be a hub for the youth climate movement, so if we start using it now we can grow even larger. You could also organize and event with you and other participants to share your experiences!

3. Organize for the Reclaim Power Global Month of Action. Some of our allies from around the world are coming together for a global month of action for Climate Justice. The actions can really be anything, they can be your campus divestment group organizing a rally at your school, joining in the Global Frackdown, or organizing against tar sands pipelines in BC. Find out more info.

4. Organize your high school to take action. We'll be launching a new high school campaign taking on a dis-information campaign targeted at kids from one of Canada's largest fossil fuel lobby groups very soon. Can you prime your school to get involved by starting to get organized? Check out these high school organizing kits from Ourclimate.ca - the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition for ideas!

5. Hold a Fundraiser to Support Frontline Communities. From bake sales to parties there is no shortage of ways that we can raise funds, and what better way to follow-up from PowerShift by committing to support things like the Beaver Lake Cree Nation's legal case or the Unis'to'ten camp's ongoing blockades in Northern BC. Get in touch with us if you're interested, need support or want to be connected with groups to support. 

If you're part of a group, or start one, sign up on this site to be part of the PowerShift network we're launching across Canada.

Divestment at UVic

We could gather petition signatures, do an info night to raise awareness, hold a march or rally. Specific action to be determined. I'll update this as that gets figured out. Reply if you want to help, join, or attend! 

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