At PowerShift Atlantic, leaders from across social justice movements will come together to share ideas, experiences and plans for a just and sustainable future. We're calling on the ideas, creativity and leadership of people from across movements. We're excited to give new facilitators and speakers a chance to try their hand at leading workshops and participating in panel discussions.

PowerShift's sessions will be engaging, creative, fun, and empower participants to walk away with new skills, strategies and tools to make change.

Submissions for PowerShift Atlantic programming are no longer being accepted. Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas!

There will be space at PowerShift Atlantic for participant driven session - like discussions about particular issues, campaigns, or projects. More information coming soon!

If you would like a table at PowerShift to share information and materials about your organization or group, please sign up here and we'll set you up with a table during the day-time sessions at PowerShift Atlantic. 

We're working on the schedule for the weekend now. In the mean time, here are a few examples of workshops and panels that will be at PowerShift Atlantic! 


Tar sands 101

Fracking 101

Divestment 101

How to build giant inflatables!

Introduction to Non-Violent Direct Action

Creative Action 101

Power Analysis: who are you fighting against and how can you win?

Theatre of the Oppressed

Photography 101: How to capture a movement

Artivism: Turn art into a tool for change

Participatory Strategy and Campaign Development

Effective Lobbying

How to work with mainstream media

Environmental activism, anti-colonialism, and anti-racism

Mobilizing across movements

Communicating your vision for the future

And much more!


Free Prior and Informed Consent: Indigenous Rights and Environmental Justice

Climate Justice - A Movement of Movements

The Energy (b)East - Tar Sands in Atlantic Canada

Fracking: Environment and Economy

Beyond Green Jobs - Labour and Climate Justice

Energy Democracy: Renewable Energy Security vs. Fossil Fuels in Atlantic Canada

Sinking Shores: Climate Change Impacts, Resilience, and Adaptation

Separate Oil and State: How Canada's Petro-Politics are Undermining Democrac, Muzzling Science and Threatening Our Climate

Environmental Racism in Atlantic Canada

Divestment and Beyond: Student Organizing for Climate Justice

And much more!

Have any questions? Leave them in the comments below or email us at!

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