Stand With the Philippines for Climate Justice

Yesterday, over 600,000 signatures in solidarity with the Philippines calling for Climate Justice at the UN climate talks in Warsaw were delivered. You can sign the petition if you haven't already! 
Done? Great!
The second ask is for solidarity with the Philippines in the wake of Haiyan. Details are below, but in short it involves printing something, taking a photo, and sending the photo (about 10 minutes of effort!). This mini-campaign is already giving strength to Filipino lead negotiator Yeb Sano, who is currently over a week into his voluntary fast. He thanks all of those who are showing solidarity.
Make a placard with the text #WeStandWithYou - either in English or your own language. In addition, print out the red dot, cut it out of the paper, and wear it on the photo. You can take group photos or single ones. 
You can also write "I Stand With You" on your palm and take a photo of it. 
Send in the photos
Post your photo on the facebook page! You can also send the photos to Silje (, or Anjali ( If there's a bunch of photos, you can just upload them to a dropbox and send the link. 
Change your profile pic
Either you can change your picture to the red dot, or the photos that you took with the placard. Use the hashtag #WeStandWithYou.
For inspiration:
The red dot and the slogan #WeStandWithYou has reached the Philippines.
Thank you all for your support. Climate justice now. 
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Many water as fuel inventions have been suppressed. A recent breakthrough by must not be suppressed.
20 megawatts of power from a 9 inch cubic box wherein water and a catalyst like copper hydroxide are subjected to high voltage and low current to create a plasma .. the plasma is shot through magnets and electrodes… the electrodes pick up a DC charge or current flow from the plasma gas… hydrogen to hydrino… Magnetohydrodynamics .. they speak of 1 litre of water will power a vehicle for 3000 miles.

There was no reason for these trajedies to have occurred .. the public was lulled into a sleep… Corporate social responsibility was none existent. Corporations love of money has manifested in devastation for the world’s people. It is time to stand up and ask for public inquiries and then let the evidence be used to convict these companies of their crimes.

At the same time I encourage people to start working within their communities to sponsor and organize community supported fueling based on water as fuel.

Start with the book “They have used water in their Engines” by hynow in France.

Work to bring the technology of Blacklightpower to your province and community.

Study the youtube videos by Moray King.

Join the hydroxy yahoo group.

Together as communities we can change the world and slow down the CO2 emmission and or reverse the CO2 ppm % in the atmosphere. We owe it to the Phillipine people. The extra water vapor and carbonic acid in the atmosphere creates greater static charges in the upper atmosphere that lead to the terrific and devastating storms around the equator. 4 million lightning strikes per day charges the surface of the earth with more energy per square foot. Not enough energy is leaving our planet to balance out that which is being created by the sun evaporating water into the air .. the air now heated more by CO2 can hold more water vapor… more water vapor leads to stronger storms and lightning that charges the earth’s surface in the form of heat in the oceans and the earth’s mantle.