Questions to Ask your Personal Injury Lawyer during a Consultation

A free legal consultation with your Toronto personal injury lawyer does not only provide him to ask about the case, but you can also ask him about fees, expenses and expected settlement, time frames and the lawyer’s experience. A truthful lawyer will always give you clear cut answers and won’t pressurize you to make quick decisions.

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Preparing For Your Consultation

Before you begin your consultation, you must take steps to prepare for it beforehand. It is the time of consultation when the client and the lawyer to get on the same page of issues. It is the time when you understand the whole situation. During the consultation you can assert your lawyer’s knowledge and will the area of expertise will help you or not.

A Few things to do before the consultation

Research the lawyer online: Before appointing your lawyer, you should validate his credentials through a website where their name is listed and check their area of expertise.

Testimonials: People upload their testimonials about the experience of the lawyer

Writing questions: You must have a lot of questions to ask for your lawyer, but will you remember all of them when you visit your lawyer? It is better to write down your questions before you meet the lawyer.

Search general questions online: You should make sure that you do not waste your time during your consultation, so while writing questions to ask, try to write specific questions which can be answered only by the lawyer. Find the answers to the general questions on the internet.

If you are mentally or physically unstable, then you should ask one of your friend or family member to prepare these questions to ask. It is understood that after a traumatic incident, a victim is unable to think with their full potential and their abilities are limited. But if you can prepare yourself for the situation, it will help you save yourself from a lot of hassle and you will make the right choice in selecting your Toronto personal injury lawyer.

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During Your Personal Injury Consultation

When it’s time for your free consultation, you should have the list of questions pre-prepared by yourself. If you are unable to understand an answer, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification or examples to understand the answer. It is also very important to speak directly to the person who will be handling your case and not that person’s assistant or junior lawyers.

Questions to ask at a personal injury consultation can include:

  1. Is the lawyer experienced enough to handle my case?
  2. Has the lawyer had the opportunity to handle a case similar to mine?
  3. If necessary, is the lawyer prepared to take my case to trial?
  4. What is the percentage of going my case to trial?
  5. How much fee or expenses will I have to pay if I win the case? What about if I lose?
  6. If I am dealing with a firm, then what kind of resources do they have?
  7. How much communication will I receive from my legal team during the process?
  8. Who will be the main person I will contact?
  9. In the opinion of my lawyer, how much worth my case has?

All these questions are the questions which you should be prepared to answer yourself. You will be asked various questions, like the incident, injuries and the circumstances surrounding the incident. The more accurate you are, the more it will help you build your case. It is advised that you should write about the incident as soon as possible until your memory is fresh.

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