October 05, 2013
Contact: Cameron Fenton

Youth Gather at Largest BC Climate Summit as Pipeline Push Intensifies

Victoria, BC – Last night 700 people gathered  to kick off PowerShift BC, the largest climate summit of its kind in BC history. Headlined by Dr. David Suzuki and Crystal Lameman of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation, the evening also featured addresses from young leaders from across BC. PowerShift is expected to draw over 1000 people over the weekend. 

“My generation and the boomers that followed partied like there is no tomorrow. Now the party is over,” Suzuki said as he addressed the crowd. “...We can't compromise anymore and there can't be winners and losers.”  

Twelve year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney and Vancouver based Neelam Khare, two youth speakers, brought the crowd to their feet calling for a new drive in organizing the shift in power to rival the energy economy driven by corporations and government.

PowerShift BC is the third PowerShift gathering in Canada, and the first to take place regionally and outside of Ottawa. In addition to being the largest climate summit of its kind in BC history, this BC gathering is the largest regional PowerShift in North America, with a higher turnout that any similar gathering in the United States. 

“There are some who have ambitions to transform this province into a carbon corridor for tar sands, LNG and coal,” said Kelsey Mech, spokesperson for PowerShift BC. “If tonight is anything to go by, they’ve got another thing coming, and we’re just getting started.” 

PowerShift will continue until Monday with two days of workshops, panels and trainings including speakers like Maude Barlow, Tzeporah Berman, Andrew Nikiforuk, Sundance Chief Rueben George, Ben West and dozens of youth and First Nations leaders. On Monday, PowerShift participants and others will take action, culminating with a mass civil disobedience training on the lawn of the provincial legislature. 

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For More Information:

Cameron Fenton – National Director - Canadian Youth Climate Coalition – cycc.director@gmail.com 604 369 2155
Kieran Dowling – Education Program Manager – Sierra Club BC – Kieran@sierraclub.bc.ca office: 250 386 5255 ext 225

Tessica Truong – Powershift BC Youth Spokesperson - Tesicca.Truong@sustainablesfu.org cell: 778 713-1372

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