Got questions about PowerShift Atlantic? We have answers!

PowerShift organizers are holding a webinar on Monday February 24th to share information about PowerShift Atlantic and give you an opportunity to ask questions and get answers!

PowerShift Atlantic will bring hundreds of young people to Halifax to share knowledge, skills and experiences about climate justice. This empowering weekend will prepare participants for community-driven action by sharing skills for organizing, strengthening the networks of organizers and activists, and build up the movement needed to create a just and sustainable future. These tasks are not easy, and will require a convergence of movements our generation has never seen.

This convergence, collaboration, and collective action is what PowerShift Atlantic hopes to build.

A movement-building gathering of this capacity is not easily brought into a conceivable reality. Fortunately, PowerShift is real, and it is coming. To demystify the magical wonder around PowerShift Atlantic, we will be hosting a webinar and Q&A session on Monday, March 3rd at 7pm Atlantic time, 7:30 Newfoundland time.

The webinar will include representatives from different parts of the movement, including the Canadian Federation of Students, Idle No More, Lead Now and KAIROS. Bringing together individuals from these organizations shows that PowerShift is about building a movement of movements. We’re uniting people by sharing our knowledge, skills, and experiences, and building connections and friendships between the people who will push us forward to a just and sustainable future.

You can tune into the webinar live on and ask questions to any of the panelists by using the twitter tag #PowerShiftAtl.

Hope to talk to you on Monday!

Tori and the PowerShift Atlantic Team


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