PowerShift Alberta

PowerShift Alberta is a youth-led organizing initiative that will bring together 500+ people from diverse backgrounds across Alberta, the Prairies, and beyond, to learn, develop their skills and build a movement for climate and environmental justice.

Why PowerShift?

PowerShift, a program run by the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, is a gathering organized by youth for youth that aims to mobilize passionate youth from affected communities and various sectors of society to explore multiple ways of taking action and work to develop each other’s capacity and abilities.

PowerShift will mobilize, educate and support a youth base of organizing in Alberta to take advantage of this political moment and push for lasting, transformative change from the grassroots. PowerShift Alberta aims to be a catalyst for education and collective action in a long-term effort to harness the power of youth and intergenerational communities to create change for a justice-based, sustainable future for all.