Room                         Panel Topic                     Speakers                     Description

Life Sciences Centre 236 Indigenous Rights and Climate Justice Jasmine Thomas, Suzanne Patles, Shelley Young, Gail Baikie This panel will explore the leadership that Indigenous peoples have taken in stopping extreme fossil fuel expansion projects, the role of allies, decolonization and building a climate movement that stands with frontline Indigenous communities.
Rowe 1020 Panel: Climate Adaptation & Resilience in Atlantic Canada Emily Legrand, Charlie Sark + TBA Between rising sea levels, extreme weather and agricultural risks (and more) Atlantic Canada is one of the most vunderable areas in the country when it comes to climate change. This panel will explore different case studies and plans for adaptation and building resilience to a changing climate at home and beyond. 

4:30pm-6:00pm: Panels/Strategy Sessions

Each of these panels will run for part of the time slot, with the rest dedicated to collective strategizing towards actions, campaigns and organizing.

Life Sciences Centre 236 Divestment & Beyond: Student Climate Organizing Strategy Session Facilitated by members of Divest Dalhousie, Divest Concordia & Divest McGill This session will focus on the campus fossil fuel divestment movement and other campus iniatives for climat justice. Divestment organizers will have a chance to meet up, hear from a number of campaigns, share strategies and develop plans to collaborate moving forward from PowerShift.
Rowe 1020 Stopping Energy East: Panel and Strategy Crystal Lameman, Jasmine Thomas, Cat Abreu, Jesse McLaren The largest tar sands pipeline proposed yet is headed for the Atlantic. The Energy East Pipeline could carry over 1 million barrels of tar sands crude a day from Alberta to New Brunswick, and potentially through Cape Breton. Come hear from organizers fighting the tar sands from the source and along pipeline routes and strategize to stop Energy East.
Life Sciences Centre 332 Frack Off: Panel and Strategy Session Jocelyn Burr, Willie Nolan, Angela Giles, Rebecca Parkins With fracking continuing to be pushed across and beyond the Atlantic, this will be a session to hear from organizers taking on fracking in their communities and beyond, and to strategize to ban fracking for good. 



McCain Lobby Pancakes and Food Security! Camelia Frieberg, Lil MacPherson, Wayne MacNaughton Join us for a local pancake breakfast and a discussion on food security issues, poverty, and climate change in Atlantic Canada!


Rowe 1011 Confronting Environmental Racism Vanessa Gray, El Jones + TBA In this panel we'll explore the history of environmental racism in Atlantic Canada, and discuss how environmental degradation is part of a larger system of oppression. Speakers will share first hand experience and reflections of environmental racism in Atlantic Canada and beyond.


Rowe 1011 Seperating Oil & State: How Canada's Petro-Politics are Undermining Democracy, Muzzling Science & Threatening Our Climate Ian Stewart, Mike DeSouza (via Skype), Alex Vance Join in on this discussion to get an idea of the ways government is influenced by the fossil fuel industry, how that relationship has changed over time, and what that means for our democracy and our climate! Panelists will bring local, regional, and national perspectives to the conversation, and invite you to ask tough questions!
Rowe 1020 Energy Democracy and Energy Security in Atlantic Canada Gretchen Fitzgerald, Kevin Matthews, Anders Hayden What is energy security? How does it effect decisions about the future of energy production in Atlantic Canada? How do renewables and fossil fuels stack up in terms of energy security? What does that mean for us, the people? Join in on this informed discussion!

5:00pm-6:15pm: Closing Plenary

Building a Movement of Movements - Moving Forwards from PowerShift. Potter Auditorium

What's next? Drawing on the experience of the weekend, this session will be a chance to reflect on PowerShift, what we've learned, shared and strategized and how we're moving forwards together to build bigger, bolder, more connected movements for climate and social justice. 

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