Quick Over View On A Climate Justice Panel Ending Now

We are indeed living under, "The Harper Regime." -Harsha Walia

So, now as I stand, watching others sitting in a panel of strong minded people, I am over hearing everyone on the panel talking about ideas to shift power usage now, and how renewable energy tactics are actually out there. "Now" being the word to drive us away from the Alberta Tar Sands sickly planted on Treaty Eight Territory, yes, indeed, we must find renewable projects, not tomorrow, but now! Not another day to just sit around and doing nothing, not another day at all, but now. We are working towards our own death, in a complex sense, because with the fossil fuels industry driving us all, we are talking of this “Now” word, which makes all too much sense for the nonsense talk the corporations are leading us of the cliff, like the doo-doo bird, we are doomed, including the corporation called “Kanata”; we need to find renewable resources outside the gas fracking, oil mining, greedy no good SOB’s like Enbridge, Kinder Morgan and the Kanatian and "Amerikan" governments: each are truly blinded by capitalism. Sitting in the panel, wandering around as I volunteer my time to take photos and document what I can, means doing multiple jobs, and recognizing the power found in the speakers, and also finding the power in the people taking part and listening to what frontline work is to shift our power now!



-This fossil fuels industrial age is a time of changing how we commute, to what we wear; this is a "Now movement", and not "Maybe tomorrow" to work towards climate justice for all.

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Here it is a month later and a new blog posting but nothing else to report … 32 years of waiting for the world to change … When woken up … will we still be in time?
See; http://onecrustycanuck.com/2013/11/29/stop-soot-now-earthjustice/
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Thank you
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NOW” … Is when we need to do this!
“What?” … Wean the World off of OIL ADDICTION
“How?” … Do I know … This Will Work! … Because …
Co-operatively … By the People, … for the people! … We can’t lose!
See; http://wecando101.tripod.com/
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Quick Over View On A Climate Justice Panel Ending Now
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