This is a brief guide to your housing options while staying in Halifax.

Many of you will be arriving to Halifax for the first time, and securing your housing as soon as possible will free up your time to take in all that the city and PowerShift have to offer. First, and most importantly, remember that you are responsible for your own housing. Make sure you don’t show up in Halifax on March 28th without having already arranged housing! The sooner you find a place to stay, the sooner you can focus on the more exciting parts of the PowerShift experience.

You have four main options in housing, and figuring out which one is most appropriate for you or your group will involve several factors, especially the size of your group and the budget you are on.

1. Reserve a room in a hotel block or a hostel bed

The Halifax Backbackers Hostel is offering us a great day! Reserve a bed in a 6-bed dorm room for $20 a night by emailing halifaxbackpackers@gmail.com and letting them know that you're booking through PowerShift. That's a 25% discount from their online booking rate! It's a 25 minute walk or a short bus-ride away from Dalhousie University where PowerShift will be held.

If you're looking for a hotel room, book at the Lord Nelson using promo code 30800 to get a room for $115 a night. Book before March 14th to ensure that you can get in on this deal!

2. Couch surf! Check out (and post!) to the Housing Board

If you are coming as an individual or small group, many of our local area attendees may have decided to post a spare bedroom or couch. It’s cheap, it’s Green, and you’ll make a friend. We'll be working to connect requests with billets but cannot guarantee that we will be able to connect everyone. PowerShift BC and affiliated organizations also take no responsibility for billets and all using the system are accepting all risk and liability. Note, we are unable to billet minors.

If you can host participants, please fill out this form.

If you are looking for a billet, please fill out this form.

You can also try and find other options on Couch Surfing.

3. Look on your own - get creative!

Of course you are welcome to find your own accommodations for PowerShift. If you are figuring your own housing out, make sure to book soon because options could be scarce at the last minute. If you are looking to stay elsewhere, be creative. Check with family and friends in the Halifax area, Use your imagination, just be sure to be safe and responsible. 

Good luck with your accommodations and see you Power Shift!


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