This is a brief guide to your housing options while staying in Amiskwaciy (Edmonton).

Many of you will be arriving to Amiskwaciy (Edmonton) for the first time, and securing your housing as soon as possible will free up your time to take in all that the city and PowerShift have to offer. First, and most importantly, remember that you are responsible for your own housing. Make sure you don’t show up in Amiskwaciy (Edmonton) on April 1st without having already arranged housing! The sooner you find a place to stay, the sooner you can focus on the more exciting parts of the PowerShift experience.

We are working to find more housing options, and please get in touch if neither of these works for you and you need help with housing - email alberta@ourclimate.ca. 

1. Request or Offer a Space in Someone's House

We will do our best to provide housing, but we can't guarantee housing for all participants. The only housing we are directly facilitating is billeting - this means placing participants in the homes of progressive folks from Amiskwaciy (Edmontonians) who have extra space - beds, floors, and couches. 

If you have space in your house in which people can stay? Fill out this form and we'll match you with an appropriate guest(s): http://goo.gl/forms/5mpf2Ow0hX.

If you are coming from out of town and need a place to stay in somebody's house (a billet), fill out this form and we'll do our best to find you a place to stay: http://goo.gl/forms/OZpb90XG2v.

2. Look on your own - get creative!

A few of your options might be:

  1. Lister Hall: on campus (website)
    1. Nightly non-group rates $109.00 per night - rooms are two beds, cost is for single or double occupancy
  2. Campus Tower: essentially “on” campus (website)
    1. Group rates available if you book 9 or more rooms
    2. Nightly non-group rates $219.00
  3. HI-Edmonton Hostel: close to campus via public transit / 25 min walk (website)
    1. Centrally located just off Whyte Ave.
    2. Under renovation so no large availability or group rates but they are taking individual reservations
    3. Dorm style rooms for April 1-3
    4. 4-8 bed dorms / up to 8 people ($31.90 per night)
    5. 2 bed dorms / up to 2 people ($36.85 per night)
    6. HI membership is $26.25 and get discount off Greyhound, ViaRail etc. and 10% off rates listed above (rates listed above are non-member rates)

Of course you are welcome to find your own accommodations for PowerShift. If you are figuring your own housing out, make sure to book soon because options could be scarce at the last minute. If you are looking to stay elsewhere, be creative. Check with family and friends in the Amiskwaciy (Edmonton) area, Use your imagination, just be sure to be safe and responsible. 

Good luck with your accommodations and see you PowerShift!

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