The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) just launched a new program called Energy IQ, aiming to take materials funded by Canada's largest oil and gas lobby group into classrooms across Canada. CAPP is one of the most fervent voices in favour of tar sands and fracking expansion, a powerful lobby group that has been linked to the gutting of Canada's environmental regulations, worked with the government on expensive pro-tar sands lobbying and more. Find our more about CAPP and Energy IQ here.

Classrooms are for students, not big oil's spin machine. Add your name to support the open letter to CAPP and Canadian Geographic below. 

To the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and Canadian Geographic,

We are a group of Canadian high school students writing this letter to formally express our concerns regarding the Energy IQ Program that was launched in schools this October.

The Energy IQ program is of serious concern to us as current high school students, specifically because of its inherent corporate bias and the ideals it will promote. Schools are public places, and therefore should be free of advertisements or promotions of companies, interest groups, and other for-profit institutions. Propaganda has no place in our schools.  The content of your program appears to be highly focused on the oil and gas industry, yet it is presented as something that deals with all possible types of energy. When your definition of the tar sands is the verbatim definition used by Oil Sands Today, the message that sends is that you’re there in their interest, rather than in the interest of our future. We have our doubts that any program funded by CAPP would focus on types of energy other than oil and gas: this concerns us.

With the incredible ease that young people have in terms of accessing large amounts of knowledge and information very quickly, we are hopeful that most young people are - if not completely aware of the specifics of the issue - aware of the implications of fossil fuel exploitation. Huge amounts of verified, peer-reviewed scientific data are out there to show that, without a doubt, we should have started reducing our carbon footprint a long time ago. There are very few actively publishing and reputable scientists who believe otherwise, and those who present themselves as skeptics of climate change are usually affiliated with the oil and gas industry in some way. CAPP had a significant role in influencing the Harper government to drop out of the Kyoto Protocol, claiming that people are unwilling to pay carbon taxes. Canada is currently one of the least progressive countries in terms of our resource extractions and our emission reductions, and failing to meet the terms of the Kyoto Protocol by a long shot was yet another major step in the wrong direction. As young people who are taking the issue of global warming and Canada’s position on the issue very seriously, this is incredibly disappointing.

We are aware that CAPP has a history of very questionable, if not outright discountable, ethics. We know that the biggest names in the oil and gas industry today are associated with the exploitation and abuse of Indigenous peoples and their ancestral territories. Families are being pushed out of their homes. Toxic water, air, and soil are all contributing to a huge increase of cancer rates in these regions; we know that lung cancer rates in Fort Chipewyan are double the expected number, and several other cancers are present as well. Traditional resources such as berries and fish are suddenly disappearing. A program in public schools that is funded by multiple corporations who are willing to turn a blind eye to these tragic injustices for profit is completely unacceptable.

We demand that our education system continues to maintain a progressive perspective when discussing energy-related issues.  As such, we, the undersigned, ask that the Energy IQ Program is not used at our school. 


Sydney Emo & Sophie Yamauchi, 

Windermere Secondary School. 

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your government has been busy thugin for the corporations…your school children know the truth and have stated it here…take your oil company propaganda thugs out of the schools
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they are young, not stupid!
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Corporate sponsorship of any program in any school is always suspect. Propaganda is propaganda no matter what you call it. I spent 25 years working with students from kindergarten to adult centres; this kind of sponsorship was resisted at every turn. These students have been taught to think for themselves ~ listen to them.
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Corporations don’t belong in Schools!
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I commend and support the students of Windermere Secondary School.
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