We're working to stop Canada's biggest Tar Sands lobby group from polluting our classrooms. Join in. 

In late October we launched an open letter from two Vancouver high school students calling out the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producer funded Energy IQ program slated to enter classrooms all across Canada. The letter was signed by 600 supporters before we sent it along to CAPP and Canadian Geographic, and now we're starting the next step.

Find out more about the Energy IQ project and why we're organizing to keep it out of classrooms. 

There are 3 ways you can take action: 

1. Join or start a Fossil Free Classroom action team.

We're looking to support a growing movement in high schools across Canada towards Fossil Free classrooms. Working with the campus divestment movement and others, these groups will organize to challenge Energy IQ in our schools and more. If you're looking for more information on how to get going, check out our high school organizing kit. 

2. Sign the petition calling on Canadian Geographic to drop CAPP from the Energy IQ project 

Canadian Geographic should respect parents, teachers and students by not brining the tar sands lobby into classrooms. We'll follow-up with more actions you can take like writing letters to Canadian Geographic, cancelling your subscription and more as the campaign grows! 

3. Get in touch with you local school board, teacher or principaland ask them if Energy IQ is headed to your school or city.

If it is, let us know and we'll help you make sure that big oil isn't the only voice being heard! Email us at info@ourclimate.ca 


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commented 2013-11-13 07:16:07 -0400 · Flag
I do not want our classrooms to be ‘fossil free’. Fossil fuels have made an enormous, vital contribution to world development and will continue to do so for some time to come.
I also do not want our schoolchildren to be used a political tools by shadowy action groups.