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Connecting Filipino-Canadians to communities on the frontline of climate change

Written by Shaina Agbayani. Click here to donate to support connecting Filipino-Canadian youth in attending PowerShift Pilipinas.

I'm Shaina, one of the youth selected to represent Filipino-Canadians at Powershift Pilipinas. Tacloban_Typhoon_Haiyan_2013-11-14.jpg

I am passionate about uncovering and challenging the realities of climate change as they intersect with the personal narratives of the Filipinos whose lives are being so imminently impacted by climate change. 

As a woman of color in various predominantly-white sustainability spaces, I've developed a heightened awareness of the value of spaces that connect discussions about sustainability and climate change with discussions about race and colonialism. The opportunity to engage with Filipino-centered discussion about climate change would be invaluable for me to make my climate justice work stronger by increasing my understanding of these connections. 

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Stand With the Philippines for Climate Justice

Yesterday, over 600,000 signatures in solidarity with the Philippines calling for Climate Justice at the UN climate talks in Warsaw were delivered. You can sign the petition if you haven't already! 
Done? Great!
The second ask is for solidarity with the Philippines in the wake of Haiyan. Details are below, but in short it involves printing something, taking a photo, and sending the photo (about 10 minutes of effort!). This mini-campaign is already giving strength to Filipino lead negotiator Yeb Sano, who is currently over a week into his voluntary fast. He thanks all of those who are showing solidarity.
Make a placard with the text #WeStandWithYou - either in English or your own language. In addition, print out the red dot, cut it out of the paper, and wear it on the photo. You can take group photos or single ones. 
You can also write "I Stand With You" on your palm and take a photo of it. 
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Bringing the Tar Sands to the U.N.: Divestment at COP19

On November 15, youth from many countries will bring student activism to the forefront of the United Nations climate negotiations taking place in Warsaw, Poland. The side event, titled “The Potential of Divestment: Changing the Landscape of Climate Politics to 2015”, will shed light on the technical aspects of the tactic, as well as share stories from the movement and explore ways in which delegates can divest in many parts of their everyday lives.

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Global PowerShift Day 1

After departing Halifax at 1630 on June 23rd, I arrived in Istanbul, Turkey, the following day at 1330.  The visa and customs process was insane, with hundreds of people waiting in long ques to visit the city that was first established in 660 BC as Byzantium, reestablished as Constantinople in 330 CE, and is now the second largest city in the world (by population within city limits) with a permanent population of 13.5 million.  And although this city and country have facsinated me for years, I was not here to sightsee, I was here for a different reason.


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