We understand that getting to PowerShift takes time and money, and to help make the process easier we've put together some tools to help you with fundraising, organizing travel and more. The best way to get organized to come to PowerShift is just that, to organize. Getting a group of people together from your campus, school, workplace or community to come to PowerShift together and recruit others to join you not only makes getting to PowerShift easier and shared the organizing load, but also helps to lay the groundwork for building long-term organizing networks (not to mention that groups of 10 or more can register as a group and receive a discounted registration). 


PowerShift Atlantic will be held primarily at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The largest city in the Maritimes, Halifax is accessible by a wide range of modes of transportation and all venues will be accessible by public transit, although most programming will be within easy walking distance within and around the city center. Find out more about Halifax and other things to do in the City.

If you are driving to PowerShift and have extra space or are looking for a ride, check out our rideshare board where you can post ride offers or look for rides. 

Exciting news: if you're from New Brunswick and looking for a ride to Halifax, CUPE NB and the Conservation Council of New Brunswick will fund your travel! Contact Tracy at for more information and to sign up!


In organizing PowerShift we will do our best to find and offer a range of affordable and inexpensive housing options along with setting up billeting for out of town participants with local Halifax hosts. All information about housing deals at hotels/hostels and the billeting sign-up form for hosts and participants will be available on the Housing Page. 

Note: We are unable to billet minors due to liability issues.  


In order to help participants organize locally to come to PowerShift we've put together an in depth kit with information and resources for organizing, fundraising, getting local support for your team, recruiting others to come to PowerShift and much more. We've broken it out into convenient modules that you can download below! 

1. About PowerShift

2. Outreach & Recruitment Plan

3. Logistics

4. Fundraising 

5. Promotion & Media Outreach

6. Sample Documents & Appendices  


We try to raise as much money as possible not just to make PowerShift happen, but to be able to offer scholarships for reduced or waived registrations fees along with stipends to help cover travel and other incidental costs for those who need them. Unfortunately our resources are limited and these scholarships need to be applied for and cannot be guaranteed. More Info. 


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