We are already living the impacts of a changed climate – from Hurricane Sandy, to flooding this summer across Southern Alberta and Toronto, to the impacts of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  

The impacts of extraction and climate change on communities are no joke but big oil's plan to grow tar sands and fracking, to expand the extraction and export of carbon intensive fuels and set us on course to dangerous climate change is ridiculous. If the world has a carbon budget, you can bet that Canada's fossil fuel industry is on track to break it.

So, we're declaring April 1st Fossil Fools day in (dis)honour of those corporations setting us on track for more extreme weather, drought, desertification, wildfires and worse. It's time that the belief that we can continue with fossil fuelled business as usual is made extinct, and that these Fossil Fools are sent the way of the Dodo. 

The Plan: On April 1st we're going to bring the reality of fossil fuel development home by transforming some of Canada's most iconic places into fossil fuel sites, with fracking rig tripods, inflatable pipelines, oil spills, giant carbon bubbles and more. Find out more about why we're doing this.


We need you to make this happen. We've put together a full organizing kit you can download below that lays out the whole plan, ideas for tactics, blueprints, how to stay connected and more

On April 1st, join local action groups, divestment campaigners and others taking action to send these Fossil Fools the way of the Dodo. Download the Action Kit (printer friendly version) the Communications Guide and Sign Up an Action.


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