End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

We know 1.4 billion ways to build a path to a just and sustainable future.

Right now, Canada gives out upwards of $1.4 billion in subsidies to fossil fuel corporations - some of the wealthiest and most carbon intensive corporations on the planet.

At the same time, youth are facing the highest unemployment rate that our generation has ever seen. The cost of post secondary education is rising, and essential services, environmental protections and more are being cut in order to save money.

Something is wrong with this picture. 

There may not be one billion reasons that we should end subsidies, but we know that there is a better way to spend $1.4 billion. We can create green jobs, ensure that all youth have accessible education, ensure clean air and water across Canada, invest in health care, and so much more.

In 2012, organizers with PowerShift presented the motion Charting a Path to a Clean Energy Future: End Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Canada to the All Party Climate Change Caucus on Parliament hill. We also staged a public theatre action, asking passers-by near Parliament to fill out an entry form for the "Great $1.4 Billion Subsidies Sweepstakes" - check out the video of the action here, and tell us what you would do with $1.4 billion right here

We also mobilized thousands of people across Canada to send a message to politicians to end subsidies in the lead up to PowerShift 2012. Stay tuned for more info as we turn up the heat on dirty energy and its relationship with the Canadian government. 

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