1. Who are the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers?

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) are a fossil fuel industry lobby and public relations group in Canada who work on behalf of the oil and gas industry in Canada. They are most notably known for running expensive pro-tar sands advertising campaigns in Canada and abroad, lobbying on behalf of fossil fuel projects and most recently were connected to changes to Canada's environmental monitoring and protection laws. 

2. What is Energy IQ?  

Energy IQ is a project funded by CAPP and run by Canadian Geographic that claims to be an "education program is designed to engage Canadian teachers and students through curriculum-linked in-class learning tools, and to increase energy knowledge among the general public and community leaders." 

Teachers are able to bring the project into their classrooms and use materials funded through Canada's largest fossil fuel lobby group. 

3. What's wrong with it?  

According to their website "CAPP is the voice of Canada's upstream oil, oil sands and natural gas industry" and frankly we don't think that classrooms are the place for Canada's biggest fossil fuel lobby group. 

On the surface the Energy IQ project doesn't look that bad, but on closer inspection it has serious problems. It focuses mainly on fossil fuel energy with very little discussion of alternative energy sources or an alternative energy vision. It includes highly specific fossil fuel industry terminology with around one third of its "definitions" being oil industry specific terminology.

Energy IQ promotes an energy system in Canada that commits Canada and the planet to dangerous climate change and sacrifices communities, and it promotes it to kids. 

4. What can you do about it? 


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I agree with Greg – but think that Canadian Geographic should invite Suzuki/Pembina/Sierre etc to input related material and place the energy issue into the context of its Climate Change Impact.
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Well, on first thought, I think this is as blatantly appalling as allowing coke and pepsi to sell their products in the schools. As a retired science teacher turned environmental activist, I am very concerned about our collective futures. We are obviously at a tipping point for the planet.

However, maybe we should allow this obviously well-funded “educational opportunity” into our schools, as long as the “informed” teachers are allowed full and equal opportunity to point any and all flaws in the provided “teaching” materials. There can be no censorship of ideas, whatsoever, no limits on the range of discussion, no matter how much opposition to CAPP is given – by students, teachers, parents and administrators, etc.

Thank you for being actively engaged in this project!

Greg Shea (Lake Cowichan)