We don't have to tell you, getting to PowerShift can be expensive, especially if you are busy dealing with social and environmental injustices in your own community and life. This is why we have created some resources to help you Get Here & Stay Here

If the cost of registration is your only barrier, we are likely able to help, as we have the most of this kind of bursary available. Please fill out the Frontline Youth Fund Bursary form HERE and ask for a fee reduction, and then register to Pay-at-the-door to secure your spot.

If you need money or help in getting here and in having a place to stay, we may also be able to help. We are offering this help particularly to youth who are facing economic barriers to participation, and are directly affected by climate change, environmental destruction, toxic development, and other social issues.

If you are a young person living in a community directly affected by environmental or social injustice (hereafter “frontline community”) and also would not be able to attend PowerShift without financial help, we strongly encourage you to apply for a Frontline Youth Fund Bursary by filling out THIS FORM - and please read the essential information below.

Those applying for a bursary should register to Pay-at-the-door to secure your spot rather than purchase a ticket online. Bursary applications will be considered on a rolling basis and participants will be notified of the status of their application no later than March 22nd, 2016.

Who can apply to the Frontline Youth Fund?

Anyone between 16 and 30 can apply for a Frontline Youth Fund Bursary.  

The fund is specifically meant to go towards young people who are unable to fund their participation at PowerShift otherwise and who are either resisting or experiencing the direct impacts of environmental injustice in their community.  This could be Indigenous youth working to stop proposed destructive projects on their land (ex: mining, logging on your land, other development gone forward without consultation), people whose traditional way of life is being threatened by climate change, youth whose low-income and/or racialized neighbourhoods are being particularly hit by toxic development (ex: landfill in your community, biosludge on your farmland, coal plant in your backyard, etc), people who have been forcibly displaced because of environmental injustice, or any other youth feeling the disproportional impacts of climate change or toxic development.


Applications for the Frontline Youth Fund Bursary will be received on a rolling basis. Money raised at that point will be matched with applicants who apply (so apply as soon as possible!).  All applicants will be informed as to the status of their application either way by March 22nd, at the latest.  If you need to know before then for travel purposes, please contact us at alberta@ourclimate.ca

Applicants are encouraged to continue looking for funding elsewhere during the selection process and to update us if they find any funding or any other changes to their budget.  Finding other sources of funding for part of your costs may help us in being able to fund your application and / or will free up funds for us to bring other youth to PowerShift.

NOTE: while we will attempt to secure more funds throughout the process, how much is fundraised is not guaranteed. 


This fund is intended to match frontline participants with the additional money they need to get to PowerShift.  However, in order to get as many frontline youth to the conference as possible, we generally will only support travel, waive registration fees, and arrange billeting (staying at someone’s home) for participants. Of course, participants may still have additional costs and therefore each applicant is encouraged to look into external funding sources (student unions, band council, grants, other organisations, etc) to cover additional costs. 

Our scholarship fund is still small and can only grow - and bring more youth - through donations from other participants, individuals, allies, organisations, and fundraising events.  If you would like to donate to the fund please click here.


Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria - these are only guidelines and we recognize that everyone will have different levels of time and ability to do work or share their stories, and encourage all applications:

  • Demonstration of financial need
  • Disproportionate impact of climate change, environmental injustice, or toxic development on them or their community AND / OR they are current resisting a direct threat of environmental injustice to their community
  • Explanation of how PowerShift will help them make connections, gain skills, or is otherwise important for them as an organizer against environmental injustice
  • Commitment to share their and /or their community’s story with other PowerShift participants and partners through blogging, speaking, and / or other means


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