As someone who has grown up with two parents who are very climate change concious, I know that we are in trouble. Coming here I wasn't sure if I would get anything out of it. I am pleased to say I was very wrong. In fact, I was so wrong that I have been given new hope. Many conferences I have been to have given me a lot to worry about but no real solutions. Some, such as we day, have actually been very depressing seeing how easy it is for organizations to sell out. I had been at least moderately impressed with we day until premier Christy Clark was invited to speak on stage. Needless to say it made me sick. But Power Shift B.C. has given me options and workshops to show how to change my lifestyle and has given me hope to see that it is possible to beat global climate change. I was particularly struck this morning when the comparison was drawn to smoking indoors or driving with your seatbelt, because it hadn't dawned on me until then on how much opposition there could be to something like that. With the incredible amount of students such as myself that have shown up I believe that we can beat global climate change and make a better future for our children. Thank you power shift for this amazing insight.



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