What is ArtShift? 

Art and creativity are the heart and soul of social movements, but too often creativity is left to the artists alone and organizing to the activists. ArtShift is based on a belief that everyone has the capacity for creativity and that when ignited, that creativity is a force that can move the world and make change irresistible. 

Inspired by projects like Beautiful Trouble, Platform London, ArtShift Europe and others, ArtShift is a project to bring together artists, organizers and activists to build a "creative action laboratory" during PowerShift gatherings as a formal Art Space as a long term "legacy" project of regional PowerShifts. 

Our Goals

  • To build the creative capacity of organizing for climate and social justice and democratize both art and action in doing so 
  • To create a platform for collaboration between artists, organizers and others 
  • To make political and social action more beautiful by empowering people with tangible, hands on skills 
  • To share stories of past and ongoing creative social and political action in order to inspire and motivate future actions for irresistible change-making


More Coming Soon!
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