Apply to Host PowerShift Ontario

We are currently exploring the possibility of hosting PowerShift Ontario as the next regional PowerShift gathering in spring 2015 in Ontario. We decided to try something new and to open up host applications for PowerShift Ontario. We are asking for support from our network and at the same time want to test out the interest and commitment in the community. Hosting PowerShift Ontario represents a great opportunity to get involved in an increasingly energetic movement to tackle climate change and to learn new and amazing skills and experience.  

What does being a host mean? 

Host organizations and/or campuses would commit to hold PowerShift in their city/on their campus and arrange basic venue logistics.

What are we looking for? 

Space: Spaces that can be used for large group keynotes of upwards of 1000 people, workshop spaces and common spaces. Consideration will also be given to spaces that can be used to meet other logistical needs for volunteers and participants such as food and housing. 

Willing/dedicated hosts: We're hoping to find key individuals and groups who are excited to bring PowerShift to their community and make it happen with us. Exactly what this means is still to be determined, but it will mean a commitment on behalf of the applicants/applicant groups to work with us in launching PowerShift organizing, likely with a commitment of at least 10 hours per week. We also are looking for hosts that are already committed to have buy in/support from other groups, student unions, etc... 

Commitment to the PowerShift Vision: We're looking for hosts that understand and support the vision of building a movement for climate justice and taking on the root causes of climate change. Find out more about the Vision here. 

Resources: As a project/organization, PowerShift runs on a tiny budget for the size and scale of our work. We raise all of the resources for each PowerShift from regional supporters, partners and donors and don't accept corporate funding or other funding that would compromise the vision of PowerShift. For this reason we're looking for hosts that can help to provide resources (financial and/or in-kind) as well as communicate the type of resources we would have access to in the community (financial or otherwise) to make PowerShift Ontario happen. 

The "Right Place at the Right Time": This one is a bit harder to explain, but in organizing PowerShifts we try and take into consideration actions and campaigns related to issue of climate justice. This means that we will be thinking about how PowerShift can help to catalyze action and organizing in a region to support local campaigns and struggles. There is no formula for how we decide this, but it will be taken into consideration if a case can be made for PowerShift playing a role in direct support. 

How to Submit a Proposal 

We will be accepting applications until August 15th, 2014. Our hope is to make a final decision on whether or not PowerShift Ontario can move forward by late Spring. 

Applications can be made by submitting a 1-2 page proposal letter than makes the case for holding PowerShift Ontario in your community. This should include information about yourself/group, the facilities, alignment with the PowerShift Vision, and other information you think we should know in considering applications.

Please submit the letter pasted onto the Logistics Form below and email it to titled NAMEPSONTARIOHOST in either a .doc or .pdf format. 

Download the Host Proposal Form

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