PowerShift is coming to Halifax, March 28-31 2014. 

PowerShift Atlantic is a gathering organized by youth for youth that focuses on climate justice. We will bring together 1000 youth from diverse backgrounds to learn, develop their skills and build the movement for climate, environmental and social justice. 

The Movement

From mass mobilizations throughout North Africa and the Middle East, to Occupy Wall Street, the Quebec Student movement and Idle No More, ordinary people have emerged and set the stage for much needed changes to today’s economic, social and political landscape. Their movements have re-kindled a fire, an appetite for greater justice, and a desire for a more equal and collaborative society.

In this pivotal time, we have also seen a resurgence of the climate justice movement. We've felt the emergence and growth of resistance to the tar sands, fracking and pipelines, led by First Nations across Canada. We've watched the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline grow in the United States, and a global movement taking on fracking take off. Unions and workers are demanding green jobs and frontline communities are mobilizing against projects that threaten the land and water that effect their daily realities. There  is a growing movement standing up against the fossil fuel industry and demanding a safe and just climate future.

Youth have been at the forefront of these movements leading change. We are a generation with the power to change the impossible. We are unafraid to speak out, take powerful action and challenge not only the problems we see in the world, but work for the solutions that we know are possible. We're ready for change, and together we can make it happen.

The Moment pscts.jpg

Already in a struggle to stop a major fracking push, the Maritimes is now being eyed as the newest port for massive proposed tar sands projects. The Energy East project, nearly twice the size of Keystone XL, would transform the East Coast into a gateway for tar sands exports. Communities across Atlantic Canada are coming together to stop natural gas exploration, fracking waste disposal, and offshore drilling. Meanwhile, the pursuit of dirty energy projects is driving legislation that destroys environmental protection and threatens the rights of communities across. We can stand up to the fossil fuel giants that want to expand tar sands, build thousands of new fracking wells, and keep us away from a just and sustainable future. 

Student debt and youth unemployment are at an all time high, while governments and corporations threaten the rights of workers. Inequality is on the rise,  but we know that a sustainable planet can also produce millions of climate jobs and a fair economy. Renewable energy production around the globe has never been higher. More wind and solar power is being installed every single day, and new technologies to make renewable energy more efficient and affordable are being developed week after week. An energy revolution is underway, and its time for us to catch up. We can shift our economy not only to address climate change, but to build a more resilient and just society.

Why PowerShift?

Coming on the heels of the Quebec Student and Idle No More Movements, the time has come to embolden the growing movement for a just and sustainable future. PowerShift Atlantic will bring hundreds of youth to Halifax to spark new momentum for climate and economic justice.

The fact is, we need to build a louder, more active and more unified movement. PowerShift Atlantic will launch campaigns and actions across the maritimes and connect with the growing network of PowerShift organizers and connected campaigns across Canada.  

This is a crisis that we can solve, It takes people uniting and raising their voices. It will take me. It will take you. It will take us.


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commented 2013-11-21 18:13:45 -0400 · Flag
When I went to power shift I met a grade six 11 year old and the young is our future
commented 2013-10-11 14:28:00 -0300 · Flag
I am heartbroken!!! It seems I misread the dates for Powershift Victoria. All pumped to join everyone in action this weekend and I discover that it was LAST weekend!!! Does anyone know how I can catch up somehow on all the information and speaches etc. that I missed! I had purchased two tickets – one for myself and one for my brother – in an attempt to inspire us both to become better informed political activists and alas! Here we are, all un-united and just as ignorant as before.
Is there any redemption for us?
sidenote: I think I may suffer from numerical dyslexia :(
commented 2013-09-24 14:20:35 -0300 · Flag
to Miles Hastings: I believe that the movements is paninclusive. Yes, it is organized mostly by youth, but everyone’s support is not only welcome, but encouraged and much needed.
commented 2013-09-22 15:08:43 -0300 · Flag
I have two well researched policy alternatives to suggest for public discussion, posted as blogs.
Please visit , and
The first makes the case for a residential solar FIT rate program for BC and the second shows a way to leverage LNG development with local forest retention, regeneration, and transition to a sustainable harvest high value market.
A third post, , illustrates BCs unique potential for reducing our transport sector emissions.
Together they form a three-prong roadmap for redirecting our society towards greater economic prosperity and environmental integrity.
Please read, share, discuss, and comment back : )
commented 2013-09-19 23:36:50 -0300 · Flag
our land in the sahtu area is getting wrecked with all these oil companies coming in and destroying our land and our birds and animals and our water is gross are people are dying from cancer and its disturbing and we need clean water and we cant get it cause the lack of money im pissed
commented 2013-09-16 13:08:47 -0300 · Flag
Hi Miles, PowerShift is a youth led project but all ages are welcome.
commented 2013-09-15 23:11:46 -0300 · Flag
Sorry, but I get the feeling this is an exclusive event for youth only. I’m 37 years old, and am just as affected economically and culturally as someone who is 30 years old. Why draw divisions in our resistance?
commented 2013-09-04 16:21:08 -0300 · Flag
The lovely Borealis dark forest is being chewed up, the only one in the WORLD. We have been granted the blessings of the earth, bountiful and pure. What did our leaders deem as the best for all the citizens? BEST decision possible; to have TAR SANDS and FRACKING, in lieu of green forests, clear springs and healthy EVERYTHING. Just a thought..