A feeling in a thought - my expression of Powershift BC 2013

“WAYWEY HEY, YA-he-yo, ya-he-yo, waywey ya-he-yo – YA-he-yo ya-he-yooo way-hey-hey, ya-he-yo…”

The songs of strong women still ring in my ears,

The drumbeat pounding, echoing in my blood,

A movement in motion switching to high gears.

From far and wide the messages flood;

“No pipeline – No tankers”, “Our land, our water – our RIGHT

Arms linked strong, a symbolic blockade,

Standing tall, a massive public campaign; an unbelievable sight!

They come to poison the water, to steal the land; blind with their greed,

In solidarity we stand – “Only take what you need!”

A historical moment is waiting in the wings:

Catalyzing – strategizing – mobilizing

DeCO2lonizing – Re-Indigenizing!

- By Lise Richard

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