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Your Guide To Choose The Best Immigration Lawyer

As you may already know the US immigration process is one of the toughest to crack. It’s not only complicated but also very time-consuming. However, with the aid of an immigration lawyer Toronto, you can simplify the process.

immigration lawyer toronto

Hiring an immigration attorney can help you with things that you wouldn’t be able to manage on your own. You need to make sure that you hire the best immigration lawyer or else your plan can backfire badly. In other words, an inefficient immigration lawyer can fail to deliver the desired results and also delay the process.

Finding The Best Immigration Lawyer

The ideal way of hiring the best immigration lawyer is to do some research. We have laid down the benchmarks you need to keep in mind while choosing the best immigration lawyer or firm to complete the process.

Ask others

Sometimes the best way to get a good immigration lawyer is by asking others. You can get a reference from your family and friends who might have dealt with an immigration lawyer before. The benefit of asking your close ones is that they will give you genuine suggestions. Not just that but you can also ask them about their experience. For example, how it was working with an immigration lawyer.

immigration lawyer toronto

Get references

Now that you have been suggested a good immigration lawyer, you can schedule a consultation with him/her. During the consultation session, the lawyer will devise a strategy for your situation. You should not forget to ask for references. A reputed immigration lawyer is expected to have good online reviews on Yelp, google, and Avvo. They also have a long list of happy clients who would refer you to the firm’s services.

Another possible way of finding an immigration lawyer would be searching them through the local bar association.

Price is not everything

You should never trust or hire an immigration lawyer based on his/her fees. That’s because many inefficient immigration attorneys are offering their services at low rates to get more clients. These types of lawyers won’t be of any help. Instead, they will only delay the whole process.

To get the best out of an immigration lawyer, you need to make sure that he/she has experience and an efficient team to handle the cases. This is why you should do some research before taking the final decision.

Hire a lawyer who speaks the same language

immigration lawyer toronto

You are advised to hire an immigration lawyer who can understand and speak your language fluently. This will help you to communicate with him/her better. This ensures that your lawyer can understand the nuances of your case.

Connect with your lawyer

Getting a visa is the first step to enter the United States. But that’s not the last time you are communicating with the USCIS.

You must form a good relationship with your lawyer so that you can contact them even in the future. There are so many things where you may need your immigration lawyer.

Getting the US visa is the most complicated process you have to deal with. You simply cannot survive the process without an immigration lawyer. With these tips, you can find yourself a reputed lawyer to help you in the process.

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A lawyer who previously sued on Uber Is filing a case against IBM citing Age Discrimination

Shannon Riordan, one of the Toronto employment lawyers is currently being compared to a ‘pit bull’ holding a ‘Chihuahua’ in his mouth. In the previous two decades, she has gone after several firms that have deliberately acted against their consumers or their employees. She has fought legal battles against giant companies.

toronto employment lawyers buy silver

She is now fighting the IBM Corp. On Monday this week, she filed a class-action lawsuit against IBM on behalf of her clients who claimed that the tech company was discriminating them by using age as an excuse when it fired them. “Since the last couple of years, IBM has systematically laid off their employees to build a younger pool of employees,” her clients alleged.

While IBM has argued that such ‘changes’ are necessary to stay in the competition. “Changes like these are based on skills, not age,” stated IBM’s official spokesman, Ed Barbini. Yet, the company is facing tremendous pressure to change its policies. In March, a report was published in ProPublica exposing IBM’s age-discriminating rules and regulation.

toronto employment lawyers buy silver

Liss Riordan is expecting several of the ex-IBM employees to join her lawsuit. She claimed, “According to me thousands of people will be affected by IBM’s policies and therefore IBM should be forced to change its conduct.” If she is successful, IBM may have to pay millions of dollars in damages. IBM is not the only company that is firing citing ‘skills’ as a reason. GE has fired thousands of workers and even sold many of its business units. Further, IBM has stopped giving data on how many employees it is firing in the US. 

Recently laid-off employees are saying that the recent firings have created an atmosphere of fear, particularly in the case of older employees. For nearly two decades, Belinda Kromer’s worked as an employee at IBM. Belinda, who makes about $115,000 a year, was planning to work till she was 70. Recently, she was abruptly fired by IBM. Kromer says she was abruptly fired for no apparent reason. She now struggles with her new life and is having a hard time finding a job. She is just one of the many employees who had signed away their right to sue.

Workers typically sign an agreement not to sue IBM for age discrimination, either as an individual or in a class-action lawsuit. 

IBM’s severance package now stands at just one month, say, former employees. For some, the offer was so insignificant that they opted to leave the money on the table and retain their right to sue.” 

One such example is that of Edvin Ruis. He joined IBM in 2003. The first firings started just a year later, he claimed. He wasn’t quite in the mood to retire. Yet, in March 2018, he was fired by IBM.

Liss-Riordan is a well-known lawyer among Toronto employment lawyers. A high-profile case to get Uber accepts their drivers as employees ended as a $100 million fine for uber but were turned in their appeal. Moreover, it’s said that it’s difficult to file a class action suit citing age discrimination. Yet, one of the leading Toronto employment lawyers believes it is quite possible to do so.  To find more info read this article!

parental sponsorship lawyer toronto

Interesting Points When Sponsoring Children From Different Countries

Receiving and supporting a kid from different nations has turned into a typical thing. The laws to receive a kid may differ starting with one nation then onto the next. Essentially, it relies upon the movement approaches of the individual nation. As per migration legal counselors, numerous non-benefit associations are likewise investigating the matter of kids’ sponsorship programs. In any case, in the event that one needs the kid’s sponsorship program to end up fruitful, it is smarter to take the assistance of master legal parental sponsorship lawyer Toronto.

parental sponsorship lawyer toronto

Kids Need the Help

Studies have demonstrated that kids’ having a place with the immature nations and creating countries, do not have the fundamental necessities of their life. For example, they probably won’t approach fundamental medicinal services or instruction framework. At the point when an individual backers a youngster, it gives the kid a favorable position to beat their snags and effectively contribute towards the advancement of the nation.

Regardless of the fact that you are ordinary or periodic support, one would need to pursue some significant focuses when supporting a youngster from another nation.

Migration legal counselors

Before supporting a kid, one will have the option to get the total arrangement of data about the kid. In the event that, the kid one is supporting is a dependent one, there doesn’t require any presentation.

Supporting Children from Other Countries

parental sponsorship lawyer toronto

When a dependant or any kid is supported, the youngster doesn’t have to consider their training or social insurance or safe drinking water, and a lot more things. It is the obligation of the support to investigate their needs. Be that as it may, before proceeding with the sponsorship program, one needs to consider certain things.

Meeting the Costparental sponsorship lawyer toronto

As indicated by movement legal parental sponsorship lawyer Toronto, when one is supporting a youngster from different nations, one would need to demonstrate to the migration network that they can undoubtedly meet the costs of the kid. They have to demonstrate that they can bolster the instruction also give essential comforts of the youngster.

Meeting Qualifications

Parental sponsorship lawyer Toronto attempt to make one point obvious to the individuals who are arranging of movement is to fit the bill for the base prerequisite. The reliant kid ought to be underneath 19 years old. The supported youngster ought to be the natural kid or the received offspring of the support.

In any case, youngsters more than 19 years old can likewise be supported given they were subject to the support before 19 years. Here, one needs to demonstrate that the youngster can’t self-bolster them.

Citizenship Application

Canadian natives before supporting a kid from various nations would need to receive them. Migration Lawyers state that the parent can petition for a citizenship application for the youngsters. When this procedure gets finished, the procedure to carry the kid to Canada can be started.

parental sponsorship lawyer toronto

Vagrant Child Sponsor

The stranded offspring of a nearby relative can be effectively supported. They ought to be beneath 18 years old and unmarried. The supported youngsters ought to have some sort of connection with the support. Supporting a kid won’t be that troublesome in the event that one takes the assistance of movement legal advisors. They can assist customers with navigating through the entire procedure easily.

The craze of Immigration to Canada in 2019

Canada is known as one of the most sought after, organized and established country in the world due its unprecedented education system, medical facilities and also its immaculate immigration system. Canada has been known to have the best immigration programs for aspiring young talent who want to excel in life and also for people who are looking to start a fresh new chapter. There are many Immigration programs for Canada which an applicant find information online and duly apply. Immigration lawyer Toronto are known for helping many immigrants smoothly settle and transition them in Canada. Consult an immigration lawyer will definitely help you get your application processed and approved in the first attempt.

immigration lawyer toronto

Canada has seen a massive rise in the immigration numbers especially since the US election after which president trump has made the laws for US immigration more stringent. The mass increase in the number of people applying from around the world has forced the government to come up with many different immigration programs to cater all the inquiries. One of the most remarkable changes to happen in the past 5 year of the Canadian immigration is the express entry system. Since the introduction of express entry, many new applicants are now getting residency processed in 6-8 months which is an amazing turnaround time. All issues or rejection can be dealt with consulting a immigration lawyer Toronto to find alternative solutions.

toronto immigration lawyer

Some of the Canadian immigration programs that any applicant can enroll in: (subject to eligibility)

  • Express Entry
  • Sponsorship Applications
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Provincial nominee program (every province has their own conditions)
  • Business immigration program
  • Atlantic Immigration program
  • Professional and Skilled workers
  • Refugee Applications

Canada has also recently announced that they will accept 1 million new immigrants over the course of the next 3 years. This news is great positive intent from the Canadian government to help process the applications hastily. The big target does put a big pressure eon the Canadian government and they will be enrolling out a lot of new immigration programs in the coming months. Immigration lawyer Toronto keep a tabs on all the new programs that are coming and can help you find the best immigration program that suits your needs!

It is very important to find the right immigration program and check all the necessary guidelines that need to be fulfilled. Filling the application the right way first will save your time and effort. Many times, people read half the instructions and tend to fill in the application with half the details. Hence ion matters as precarious as immigration, it is very important to consult with an immigration lawyer so that things are on track. The immigration lawyer will help you compile all the documents in an organized manner just the way the application is supposed to be submitted!

Canada’s population has been on a constant rise since the past decade due to efficient immigration systems. If you are looking to start a new chapter in your life or want to study in some of the best educational institutions, Canada is your answer.

immigration lawyers toronto


Get in touch with immigration lawyer in Toronto today!

Business Name: Ronen Kurzfeld Immigration Lawyer Toronto

Address: 110 Sheppard Avenue East Suite #630, North York, ON M2N 6Y8

Phone: (647)490-2033

Website: https://immigrationlawyer-toronto.ca/

Private Investigation: An Exclusive Way to Detect the Truth

Are you going through a tough phase and planning to go on a 007 mission all by yourself? If yes, then don’t. Instead, hire an investigator for performing the private investigation Toronto. Considering the razor-edged days, people are knocking the door of private investigators to draw a conclusion.Private Investigation toronto

Some of the major reasons why a greater community is opting for the private analysts are given below:

  1. Resource check
  2. Background verification
  3. Pre and post-marital confirmation
  4. To get hold of a cheating partner
  5. To gather proof against the suspicious individual
  6. For dealing with a corporate case

The reasons for private investigation Toronto seem to be endless. However, it can be said that one in every 4 hires an investigator to deal with a case. If you are confronting an issue that needs to be investigated, go for a professional and expert investigator. By doing so, you will be entitled to the following benefits. Have a look:

Excellent Knowledge About Legal Compliance

Firstly, private investigators are aware of the fact of legal compliance. They are trained from prestigious institutions. So, they are abreast with of the proper process of private investigation Toronto. Without violation of laws, an investigator can help you in every possible way to serve your best interest. Be it a personal or professional cause, your hired man will cross the mountains to solve your case.

Years of Experience

This professional is full of dangerous moves. So, expertise and experience matter to the core. Your investigator with years of proven experience will make every action with utmost consciousness for one wrong take can ruin the entire mission. Needless to say, skilled detectives know the ins and outs of any case and they work intuitively. Thanks to their experience.

Private Investigation in toronto

Maximum Safety

Once you are under the supervision and guidance of your hired detective, safety is assured. A professional investigator while doing private investigation Toronto does not take sneak peeks in the lives of suspects but also keep an eye on his client ensuring maximum safety and security. So, if you ever stay in a vulnerable situation, fear not; as your detective will keep the dangers at bay.

Unique Set of Skills

The skills of any good detective are unquestionable. From knowing the basics to advanced, they seemed to be adept and well-rounded. A highly skilled detective has the proper courtroom experience to highlight any case. So, when you are putting your money on outsourcing an investigator, do not worry as they are not going down in drains.

Factual Evidence

A good detective will always collect factual evidence to turn a case in your favor. He will cross all the hurdles in order to gather pieces of evidence that have substance. By bringing rock solid proof on the table, you will be thus able to get out of the trouble and perceive the truth with ease. For more news on investigations and securities, read here!

toronto private investigation

Bottom Line

Considering the aforementioned benefits, hiring an investigator for private investigation Toronto is always a good idea. Find out the best investigation agency to score the best deal.

5 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

So, you’ve been wrongly accused of being an accomplice at a murder case and you think just because you’re innocent you can convince the jury of the same? Unfortunately, the law is a twisted thing, and the accusers are well aware of the steps to manipulate the law and get you jailed.

So, unless you’re confident that your luck will get you through a trail, it is of vital import that you hire a criminal lawyer Toronto. What’s more? Check out the 5 Reasons You Need a Criminal Attorney Todaycriminal lawyer toronto

  1. Law is Dangerous

Law is a complicated topic, that’s always changing. It is like entering a maze and finding that it only leads to dead ends. So, unless you know your way around the law, your opponents will use every means possible to taint your name and convict you of a crime you did not do.

In such cases, with the assistance of a criminal lawyer Toronto, you can avoid falling into a trap of self-incriminating tactics and legal loopholes.

  1. Budget Constraints May Backfire

Let’s say you have a basic knowledge of the law, and thus, you decide against hiring a criminal lawyer. However, when it comes to court and trail, a marginal error like a missed deadline or file can end up making you pay a hefty sum.

Hence, as there are no rooms for mistakes when it comes to criminal cases, it is best to take the assistance of a reputed criminal lawyer Toronto. This will save you time, money and your name.

  1. Losing yet Winning

Often cases are twisted into grapevines, and miraculously your opponents might fabricate real evidence against you. In such cases, while all may seem gone, your criminal lawyer can pull the ropes and convince the jury of framing sentences that harm you less.

For example, your lawyer can find proof of your innocence at the last minute, or h/she can convey the case from a new perspective and ensure that you get alternative sentencing. For example, sentencing like that of the work furlough program, rehabilitation programs, community services, etc.

toronto criminal lawyers

  1. May Save your Job

In case you are charged with offenses like an accomplice to a murder, it is not surprising if you lose your job. However, in such cases, having a reputed criminal lawyer Toronto by your side is a boon. Your lawyer can bend the rules and reduce the heinosity of the charges thus making your case less severe. This, in turn, can prevent you from losing a job outright.

  1. Support Police Interviews

Being charged with a crime you didn’t do is enough to flabbergast you. Hence, often due to confusion and shock you might end up saying the wrong things in a police interview. At such times, it is vital that you have a lawyer by your side to explain the rights involved. In this way, you can answer the questions the police bombard you with.

Well, there you go, now do you see why hiring a criminal lawyer Toronto is the only solution to your predicament? So, find a reputed attorney now, and work on clearing your good name.

How to Get a Divorce before Valentine’s Day?

Instead of love, divorce can be in the air this Valentine. A divorce can at times save your life and love too. So, if you are planning to rejoice the upcoming Valentine with your beloved, it’s high time to get free from the spiraling tangles of the unsuccessful marriage from a Toronto divorce lawyer specialist.

family lawyer oakville

You can always choose to take help from a professional family law Oakville to fix the conundrum. There are a number of reasons citing why you must complete the separation process prior to this event. It is often seen that a number of individuals with a progressive mind have landed themselves into severe problems. For instance, some people prefer moving on with their new found significant other to mend their broken hearts.

However, such things are usually not encouraged during the hearing sessions. Several discrepancies may pop up taking the case against you. To specify, any sort of romance between you and the other person will be considered premature and such gestures are considered as a symbol of unfaithfulness.

Nevertheless, there is always a way out and a family lawyer Oakville can channelize you in the proper direction. Here comes a detailed discussion on this fiddly condition for you to attain a peace of mind.

Advanced Insights:

Finalizing a divorce is an out-and-out legal process heaped with lots of stringent rules and regulations. Amidst a divorce, the spouses go through a taxing circumstance before they settle all their disputes. If you have already filed a divorce, you should be alert of the situation.

The real problem starts when you decide to move on with a new relation prior to resolving the existing matrimonial bonds. The inclusion of legal implications can slow down your urge for a healing process.

The main culprit is time. The entire process is lengthy and may take up several months. Needless to say, this phase can cause sheer frustration amongst the people and you may be not an exception. Becoming reckless is never an option, early closure of legal proceedings can lead to unjustness in the following aspects:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Aspects related to support and alimony
  • Financial talks
  • Property settlement

Furthermore, there may be some sort of disaccord in terms of several paperwork if you hurry the process without an estimable family law Oakville. So, the best thing is to have patience and withstand subjection vis a vis the subsequent happenings. However, never delay the process from your side as it almost takes a month to become a divorce effective after the judge grants a divorce.

family lawyer oakville

Procrastination has its Consequences

If you want to restart your life with your new beau, ditch the concept of procrastination. The faster a divorce is complete, the sooner you are able to move on. Get it done by hiring a local popular divorce lawyer with proven years of expertise. He can be your best ally to gift you a new life prior to Valentine’s Day.

So, what are you waiting for? Shed off all the inhibitions and prepare to have a new life by coming out strong and better than ever. Make sure you hire the best lawyer in town. In order to know more about divorce, read this article!